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Competition News 2022

Silhouettes - Pigs @60m Written: 4/4/2022
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2nd in this years silhouettes match and just 9 shooters turned up, still it was a lot of funand 3 shooters scored 10/10, don't think I've ever seen that before

scores for this session are as follows:
1st Mark 'Bad Back' Liversage 10 in 38
2nd Mariusz 'Quick Draw' Wardaszko 10 in 55.23
3rd Barry 'Butt Pad' Smith 10 in 55.99
4th Chris 'Slow Draw' Priestley 7 in 43
5th Bryan 'Funky' Gibbons 6 in 20
6th Carl 'Big Leggy' Atkinson 6 in 35
7th Matt 'Posh Stock' Windsor 3 in 90
8th Mark 'Wood n Sand' Sawyer 0 in 120
9th Julie 'Unlucky' Priestley 7 but o/s, sorry!

So the aggregate after 2 rounds is
1st Barry Smith
2nd Mark Liversage
3rd Carl Atkinson
4th Chris Priestley
5th Bryan Gibbons
6th Matt Windsor
7th Mariusz Wardaszko
8th Sean Ahern
9th Tim Wood
10th Julie Priestley
11th Dave Bent
12th Jeremy Scott
13th Mark Sawyer

Next up, turkeys @ 77m

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