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Competition News 2021

V Drill Written: 20/6/2021
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V Drill was the order of the day this time round and 11 shooters turned up to play at what is one of the most fun competitions of the season. 4 stages in all with some traditional and not so traditional formats kept everyone on their toes.

Scores are as follows, the times are cumulative over the 4 stages plus 5 seconds for penalties if there are any.

1st Mark Liversage 36.12
2nd Tim Wood 37.19
3rd Chris Priestley 39.73
4th Julie Priestley 51.47
5th Mark Lydon 55.19
6th Bryon Gibbons 66.48
7th Mariusz Wardaszko 67.08
8th Lee Wilson 73.90
9th Matt Windsor 96.81
10th Jeremy Scott 101.11
11th Carl Atkinson 109.46

Next session in PCR PP1 and a bitů hope to see you then

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