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Club History

Swadlincote Rifle and Pistol Club is situated in South Derbyshire, in coal mining country. Sadly the deep mines are now long gone and the final coal has been extracted, by opencast mining.

This might seem strange talk but the Swadlincote ranges would not exist without the former mining industry.

S.R.P.C was the vision and brain child of our founder member Alec Blyth, who together with Tony Sutton started the difficult task of forming a club from absolutely nothing.

Colliery spoil was used to build the backstop and flanking walls on the first range complex and as membership grew the buildings were constructed by members.

Both Alec and Tony were granted honorary membership due to their initial contribution. Sadly both Alec and Tony have passed away but their legacy will live on for many years to come.

It is ironic that coal again caused a major change within the clubís history because the old range complex sat immediately above rich coal bearing seams which British Coal wished to extract, by opencast mining, and so they agreed to build a new range complex, for our members, which was to be situated about 1 mile away from the original site.

This is the six acre complex that S.R.P.C. now occupies, soon to be surrounded by woodlands as part of the National Forest project, but well positioned to grow into the future. S.R.P.Cís range complex was opened in 1992 and currently has more than 500 members.

It is a membersí club and is managed by a committee appointed annually by the members. All membersí subscriptions are used to pay the running costs of the club and the surplus, carefully managed by the committee, is used to allow planned growth of the clubís facilities, which have increased substantially since the pistol ban, following the Dunblane tragedy.